15 05, 2017

Missouri River Fishing Report – May 15th, 2017

Fly fishing on the Missouri River has been pretty good. Not great, and certainly not terrible either. The biggest news of the past few days is the rising water levels on the Missouri River. We have gone from just over 7,00o cfs to 9,300 cfs in just a few days. So this has some of the

8 05, 2017

Missouri River Fishing Report – May 7th, 2017

Fly fishing on the Missouri River continues to be pretty good right now. The weather has been a bit all over the place. A day ago it was in the mid 80’s and sunny. Today, our highs touched the mid 40’s and it rained pretty much all day. You gotta love Spring time in Montana!

21 04, 2016

Winter is Over

Spring is here, the temps are climbing, snow is melting... So that must mean that winter is over. That also means that it is about time to head back to the Missouri River in Montana from my winter haunt in Rockport, TX. The redfishing this winter was excellent. Warmer than average temps, great water conditions

23 06, 2015

Yellowstone River Salmon Flies

I had the opportunity to run down and guide the Yellowstone River over the past few days. The fishing was absolutely ridiculous. Yellowstone River salmon flies were hatching like crazy on the upper river. Even better, the fish were in a frenzy eating them. There were hundreds of Yellowstone River salmon flies in the air at

21 05, 2015

Fishmasks Have Arrived

I just opened my new box of custom First Cast Outfitters face masks by Fishmasks. I am very pleased to add Fishmasks to my sponsor roster this year. I will be working closely with them to continue to design products specifically for life on the water. We currently have both face masks and bandanas. Hopefully

5 05, 2015

Missouri River Fly Fishing Report

Fly fishing on the Missouri River continues to be very good right now. We are still seeing excellent midge and BWO hatches daily. On bright sunny days, you can still find fish up and feeding, but it takes a little searching. Add a few clouds or weather, and the river comes alive with rising trout.

28 04, 2015

Venturing Angler Guide Profile and Interview

Was fortunate enough to work with the crew over at The Venturing Angler on a little interview and guide profile about First Cast Outfitters. They did a great job with everything and included a handful of photos as well. You can check out the entire interview on their site here: --- Montana Fishing Reports by

15 04, 2015

Missouri River Spring Dry Fly Fishing is Here

Things are finally really getting rolling on the Mo. With warmer water temps as of late, we are really starting to see the bugs come off. Blanket hatches of midges in the morning/all day and good to great BWO hatches in the early afternoon. The fish are finally starting to move into their shallow water

9 04, 2015

There is still time!

There are still a couple weeks left for the Missouri River Spring Special. The fishing has been good, and getting better each day. Blue Wing Olives have just begun to hatch in the last couple of days and fish were willing to eat on the surface. Contact Us now to book your spring trips. --- Montana

19 03, 2015

Welcome Under Armour Fishing

A grip of new clothing and accessories showed up in the mail today! As of last week, I was officially invited to join the Under Armour Fishing team. Their fishing apparel is killer and I am super pumped to be representing them on the water. I will be rocking their gear every day, providing feedback