28 04, 2014

Spring Fishing on the Mo

Fishing continues to be pretty good here on the Mo. Not our best spring ever, but not too bad either. River flows continue to climb gradually, around 8700 cfs today. This is more water than we have seen in at least a couple of years. This has made the fishing a little different. Again, not

7 04, 2014

April Fishing on the Mo

Had a great time the past few days with my crew from Missouri. Chuck had been out to fish with me last year. Apparently he enjoyed himself, because he came back this spring with a group of buddies as well. Fishing was pretty good the days they were here. We had to endure a pretty

13 03, 2014

Back to the Mo

After a long and brutally cold winter out here in MT, it is finally time to get back on the water. Warmer temps and a little sunshine have people chomping at the bit for a little trout fix. This week marks the first trips of the season for me here on the Missouri. Fishing today

30 01, 2014

New Website

First Cast Outfitters finally has a new website!!! It may have taken 6 months  a bit longer than planned, but its finally here. Now to just work out the kinks. Hopefully you find this website informational, functional and maybe even somewhat entertaining. In the meantime, tweaks will be made, updates updated and more information added. And I

28 01, 2014

And There Goes the Rest of My Winter

What better way to welcome yourself back to winter, than a grade 3 tear of your MCL your third run at the ski hill. Sweet! While I may be able to avoid surgery, I most certainly will not be able to avoid the next 6-8 weeks on the couch. At least all this snow makes

28 01, 2014

Spring Special

We are offering Spring Special rates again this year. Full day guide trips are $350 through the month of April. Some special lodging rates are available as well. Fishing is amazing in the early spring. For those willing to roll the dice a little bit with the weather, the payoff can be amazing. We see

17 01, 2014


With a short window in the otherwise cloudy weather, we decided to run up to Islamorada, Florida for two days of fishing with friend and guide, Captain Jess Atkins. Day one was spent searching for reds on the flats West of the island. We didn't have targets all day, but I did manage one beast

14 01, 2014

The Lower Keys

After a week in Boca, it was time to move further south down the keys. Key West was our place of residence for the next month. We spent most of our days cruising up and down the lower keys looking for fish, food, tiki bars and any other sort of entertainment we could find. The

12 01, 2014

Flying South

After a nice long summer, followed by some November pike fishing, then a little more fishing on the James River for musky, I was more than ready to be warm again. Maybe it was the musky fishing in single digit weather? Or maybe just the fact that flip flops are way better than wearing "real