Winter is Over

  • Texas Redfishing - Fly Fish Rockport

Spring is here, the temps are climbing, snow is melting… So that must mean that winter is over. That also means that it is about time to head back to the Missouri River in Montana from my winter haunt in Rockport, TX.

The redfishing this winter was excellent. Warmer than average temps, great water conditions and plenty of clients made it a great season. But again, winter is over and I will be heading north around the beginning of May. I will certainly miss the tailing fish on the flats, but am looking forward to large trout sipping dry flies as well.

For those who have not tried the redfishing before, you gotta give it a shot. It really is a riot. Large, technical, fish swimming around in six inches of water all day long. Some tailing, some crashing bait and some just cruising along. Stalking these fish is a ton of fun, and not as easy as many might have you believe.

Rockport, TX has absolute crystal clear water… everyday. This makes for some very touchy fish. Sometimes that is a good thing, other times it wears on every last nerve. But it is very visual and a lot of fun. You will certainly see a lot of fish. How many you catch… is more up to you. Most clients I have in the boat down here are amazed at how technical it is. Especially when compared with the fish of Louisiana, Florida or South Carolina. Ours are a bit more “testy” usually. But thats what makes Fly Fishing in Rockport, TX so great.

As I begin to button up my schedule down here in Texas and turn my sights towards trout, I will remind everyone that I am already booking days for the excellent Fall fishing in Texas. I will be back down as of the beginning of October in search of a few Bull Reds. If anyone would like to fish during the summer months, I do employ another full time Captain in Rockport as well. So getting you out on the water is no problem at all. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, contact me and I can help get you out on the flats.