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Winter is Over

Spring is here, the temps are climbing, snow is melting... So that must mean that winter is over. That also means that it is about time to head back to the Missouri River in Montana from my winter haunt in Rockport, TX. The redfishing this winter was excellent. Warmer than average temps, great water conditions

Texas Redfish Report

So far so good down here in Texas. The fishing has been quite good, especially on the warmer days. But we have had a couple days of partly sunny and North winds, dropping the temps in the 60's. This can make for some tougher fishing conditions. Spotting fish on the flats can get quite tough.

Flying South for the Winter

Winter is here in Montana, which means it is time to head south for the colder months in search of tailing redfish on the flats of the Texas Gulf Coast. I am looking forward to getting back on the saltwater, poling the skiff and helping people sight fish for reds, trout, black drum and maybe