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Montana Pike Fishing on the fly

We just got back from Fort Peck Reservoir for a couple of days Montana Pike Fishing. The fishing was good, despite some heavy winds. Low lite hours were the real key though. We were out very early day 2 and it paid off. We moved a bunch of fish right out of the gate. It was excellent fishing. They all were very shallow and close to the cover you would expect to see them in. Some were even moving through water less than two feet deep. Tons of fun.

As the sun got higher, it did slow down a little bit until the noon hour. Then the fish were back at it again, as expected. Pike LOVE eating in the middle of the day. Even on bright sunny days like we had. They just get more active for an hour or so most days around noon. We even had a fish hit it hard enough that he came out of the water with our fly in his mouth. It was pretty fun.

But for the best results while Montana Pike Fishing, we recommend getting out as early as you can. Then maybe fish it hard until 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Then maybe a late lunch, siesta and some ice for your casting arm. After that, get back out there around 6 or 7 and fish it until dark. Good numbers of fish will begin to move back into the shallows in search of food to ambush.

Expect fish in all the “fishy” spots. Some of the smaller pike, 24-30″ will be the first to attack typically. If you can weed through those, there should be a larger fish in the area as well. So be patient and work good water thoroughly. Or even go back through it after resting it for a shorter period.

A variety of flies are working while Montana Pike Fishing. We like throwing the larger stuff. It tends to move larger fish. Also, it will keep some pesky smallmouth away as well. But smaller black leeches are working too. Especially for those brave enough to tie them on behind a larger fly. That has enticed some fish that may otherwise not show themselves at all.

Overall, the Montana Pike Fishing remains very good. Coolish temps have really helped. The water is still cold enough that those fish are moving in shallow to do most of their eating. Great for us that enjoy fly fishing for pike. So long as this cooler weather and water holds, we will still be able to do well Montana Pike Fishing. So we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Check back throughout the spring months for up to date reports on pike conditions out here in Montana. And of course,  Contact us today to book a trip!

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