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Missouri River Fishing Report – March 31st, 2019

As many of you know, I spend my winters down in Rockport, Texas where First Cast Outfitter’s sister business is located, Fly Fish Rockport. I have a few months left before I am ready to head North. The fishing is really GOOD down here on the flats, and last I heard Montana still has a little snow in the forecast… so I will wait a bit before hitting the road.

However, with the summer months in Montana quickly approaching, I am booking trips and keeping an eye on things up there. I like to hit the water as soon as I arrive, so I have some people on the River up there getting me intel. Although, I have been fishing the Mo for years and it tends to be fairly predictable, it’s nice to have someone fill in the blanks. So, we will try to start getting you some fishing reports in real time, to help provide a little additional intel to add on to what we all can gather from water temps, river levels, and weather forecasts!

Right now, we are seeing the normal spring pattern. Of course, there was a lot more snow on the ground in the low levels than what we are used to seeing, so that might change the runoff, but so far it’s a pretty normal spring pattern. Water levels are going up a little, which is what we would expect, but nothing crazy. A few days ago, the Dearborn and Prickly Pear were putting out some mud, but cooler days and nights have slowed that down a little, despite the rain.

When nymphing, the wire worm is the ticket and a zebra midge or firebead ray charles are what you want to put below the worm. Other favorites this time of year remain the pink scud or rainbow czech. Make sure to use a bit of split shot, cause the fish are still sitting in the deep holes. For those swinging, or wanting to throw streamers, a darker colored sparkle minnow seems to be the ticket, and of course slow and deep is the way to go until the water warms up.

Shelf ice is still hanging on a bit below mountain palace, so with that, lots of folks are heading up to the dam. People are moving fish, but good spots may be hard to find if you are wading and wait until too late in the day, so get out early and remember that this time of year, patience and perseverance are key!

We should be getting out in the next few days and will make sure to share what we are finding.

Until then, feel free to check out what’s happening with us down in Texas, or Contact Us with any questions, for an up to the minute report or to book your Missouri River fishing trip.

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