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With a short window in the otherwise cloudy weather, we decided to run up to Islamorada, Florida for two days of fishing with friend and guide, Captain Jess Atkins.

Day one was spent searching for reds on the flats West of the island. We didn’t have targets all day, but I did manage one beast of a redfish. This guy came in a bit over 34″, which in The Keys, is huge by redfish standards. Celebratory beers were had by all.

Day two we decided to shake it up a bit. We headed a bit deeper into the mangroves on the search for some bonefish. The low light made it pretty difficult all day. While on the prowl, I was able to get 4-5 jumps out of a small tarpon, which was enough to keep us entertained for a while. However we did finally luck into a few bonefish tailing.

After blowing the first small school with some terrible casting on my part, I had two other fish tailing about 60′ out. A few good casts were made… and a few “less than good”. In the end, the fish moved on without an eat. I was just glad to get a couple shots, which was all I could ask for.