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Fly Fishing for Pike

About Montana Pike Fishing

Have you ever heard someone use the word VORACIOUS? It is a word usually used to describe something that is really hungry and ready to eat anything in sight. It’s also a pretty good way to describe the Northern Pike found in many of our Montana waterways. The northern pike is a fish that always seems to be in a voracious mood and willing to eat large flies presented to them.

Spring and Fall are the primary windows for great pike action. These times of year, the pike are feeding heavily and lurking in shallow water to ambush their prey. This is primarily a sight fishing game, as you will see almost every eat. Our pike range from 6-20 pounds and can reach upwards of 40″ long. We throw 8-10wt rods with 8″-14″ flies at these monsters. Often, in the Spring, we use topwater flies as well. The follows are intense, and eats heart stopping.

Destinations for pike trips can vary depending on conditions, but most are in Northern Montana. Contact us for help planning your trip so we can help suggest best methods for travel, lodging and any other information you may need.

Marias River near Loma MT

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