Missouri River Fishing Report – July 19th, 2017

Carp on the Fly Missouri River, Montana
Dons’ first Carp on the fly, while fishing above Cascade, Montana

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Missouri River Fishing Report – July 19th, 2017

[/fusion_title][fusion_text]Fly fishing on the Missouri River in Montanais very good right now. Trico season is upon us. So let the frustration begin!!!

It’s that time of year again. Trico swarms line the river banks each morning. But unfortunately, so do wade fisherman. At least in the upper reaches of the river. But this has become par for the course in the month of July.

As the tricos fall, there are fish rising in excellent numbers. Some podded up, some working alone. Just depends on where you are at. But the targets are there. So finding them is easy. Catching them… that can be a bit tougher.

All that being said, it is fishing very very well. The fish are there and the fish are eating. Also, they are eating flies pretty well. But as folks who have fished before know, you have to present it well. And, if possible, make that first cast your best cast. You will find the fish get tougher and tougher, as you put more casts in their general vicinity.

We have been throwing a variety of flies at them. Most being of the trico variety. We love the Hackle Stacker as a trico pattern. It is a bit easier to see than a spinner. Also, they seem to eat a size 18 every bit as well as a 20, which is nice. But many trico patterns have taken fish. As the day goes on, you might find a few fish here and there that won’t eat your trico. Enter your favorite pseudo pattern. Again, a rust colored Hackle Stacker is a good option. Although some fish have preferred a true rusty spinner, in a size 20. But these are the pickiest of fish. You can either deal with the frustration, or find a new target. Depending on how much of your hair you are wanting/willing to pull out.

Mornings are the key these days. Most of us are getting out there by 7am. You will have solid nymphing action early, if that is your game. But by noon, it gets tough. As in, lets hope we get one or two after lunch tough. So do your work in the early hours, then consider changing the program as the day goes on.

Hoppers, ants and other attractor patterns have been taking fish while fished blind. This is a great option, as the nymphing slows down in the afternoon. You may not move a bunch of fish, but the quality will be there. And these dries in the morning hours have been outstanding as of late.

Another great option for these hotter days is to go in search of a Carp on the fly. This has been absolutely off the hook lately! For those who haven’t done it, you just may love it. These fish are big, strong and very smart. So it is not the easiest game in town. But lately, they are in a good mood and eating flies incredibly well for us.

This is 100% a sight fishing game. Just as you would do on the flats for redfish or bonefish. Se will see every fish, before you make a cast. Lately, they have been cruising very shallow banks tailing or showing their backs out of the water. A well presented cast has been rewarded… frequently. Then, once hooked, hold on. We throw 7wt rods for these fish. Most will get you into your backing at least twice. Our largest of the week stands at 18lbs. That is a very large carp, for the river. So keep this in mind, as it is always an option this time of year.

All in all, the river is fishing very very well right now. As expected for July, we are in the middle of our epic dry fly season. The days have been very hot the past couple of weeks though. So let’s hope we get a little break form this heat here and there, in hopes that this continues well into August.

Contact Us with any questions, for an up to the minute report or to book your Missouri River fishing trip or Carp fishing trip.

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